As a company which purchase goods from abroad, AIYALE faced to the same trouble with other similar companies: The goods couldn’t be used or customer cannot accept because of quality problems, and the supplier also shirk responsibility. How to control the quality with minimum input? There are many cases of customer loss resulted by supplier discounted in the quality of goods in order to ensure their profits after the purchase price is negotiated. In order to avoid quality problems, companies generally through the following ways:

1.Inspection on factory site by self.
2.Arrange the international well-known third-party inspection (such as SGS, BV and so on)
3.Establish an office in the purchasing country to control quality and other things.
4.Use long-term cooperation factory and no inspection.

These ways may be able to solve the quality problem of trading company, but there will be some drawbacks or limitation.
1. Inspection in abroad, the costs will be very high and waste business time
2. Third-party inspection fees are high, and only responsible for the inspection can not help deal with quality problems
3. Establishment of offices in the purchasing country, manpower and other costs are very high
4. Use long-term cooperation factory, there are many products limitation, and not conducive to business expanding.

AIYALE is also arrange inspection by self before in China, but the manpower and other cost is very high and reduce the profit seriously, But how did AIYALE transfer their quality control mode to achieve to do business easily?
AIYALE contact to EQM Quality Management Center an occasional opportunity and tried to cooperate with EQM in quality management. After the initial cooperation, AIYALE gave a very high recognition to EQM's quality management capability. Now they have already outsourced all their product quality control to EQM in China, and saved more than 200 thousands inspection costs and also greatly improved the volume of business, The business manager of AIYALE also visit EQM quality engineer in China who paid a lot of effort for their product quality management and expressed gratitude.

EQM have a professional quality inspector team of 150 people distribution in major cities in China,we could monitor factory production, quality, loading status and solve the quality problem for you all time.We have a strong sense of cost, to  help you achieve the highest efficiency at the lowest cost to achieve the highest benefits for you to lift the worry of cross-border procurement, allowing you to easily achieve "Easy" mode to do business!

We are your eyes in the factory, please remember us EQM: Excellent Quality Management!
If you are worrying about product quality, contact us is right!

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