Dear Purchase manager,
Good day!
Elevator air sterilizer can help you get more elevator orders because Elevator clients consider air sterilization as a necessary demand in corona virus impact. 

What elevator air sterilizer can do for you as below: 
1 Support you to win orders from new elevator clients. You will be able to generate more sales & profits with our elevator air sterilizer. 
2. Even the clients already bought elevator from you, they will purchase elevator air sterilizer from you. 
3. Protect elevator passengers from virus . Europe clients buy lots from us. Otis and schindler are our clients. 
4. Quick air disinfection. Every 5-6 minutes, it can sterilize car air once.

If you like, I’d like to send brochure in next email.

Best Regards!
Mr. Tea Guo
Marketing Director
High Temperature Division, CNBM International Corporation
Whatsapp: +8617190086776
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